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Action Megastars The All Time Greats – Watch Movies Online

For over than 40 years, action movies have been a staple all over cinemas worldwide. You may have witnessed the evolution of such movie genre through decades due to expanding budgets, movie effects, and top stunts. Back in the 70s, action films were recognized as edgy trailblazers. In the 80s, moviegoers witnessed how the films became somewhat renaissance that introduced the cultural birth of Europe. Somewhat like Bond Movies are everywhere. Then the 90s come and close combat action pack and violence changed the game. Today, however, actions are less bloody and thanks to both Marvel and DC Universe, most of the action these days are superheroes.

You don’t need to travel to buy and collect these epic action movies. Thanks to the internet, you can watch them via download or streaming. All it takes is a few clicks of a mouse and you’ll find tons of action-pack movies. All these and more when you watch movies online. Here are some of the most famous action stars of all time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the most iconic actor in Hollywood known for his macho image as the Commando John Matrix back in the 80s. But, his blockbuster film The Terminator is the most successful movie he ever made which made several sequel and series including The Terminator 2 The Judgement Day featuring  Edward Furlong.  Followed by Terminator 3 Genisys and Terminator Salvation.

He never planned to become a megastar but eventually, he did after he was discovered of becoming Mr. Olympia. It is his jumping board to fame and instantly become an ass-kicker on the big screen. He is known back in the 80s as a man with a massive size, thick accent with his huge perfectly shaped biceps. His personality, his figure and how he talks is perfect for the role of a cybernetic organism from the future on a mission. This is where his famous quote “I’ll Be Back” made him an action-packed megastar.

But aside from his iconic role in Terminator, there are several action movies you don’t want to miss. For starters, see how huge he was during his role in a hit film Conan the Barbarian, Predator and The Legend of Conan. While most of his films are action, there are also films that you will definitely love including Twins, Junior and Jingle All The Way.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone proves that age is just a number as he collaborated with the most famous action stars of all time with his hit movie he directed – The Expendables sequel. He made his mark from his Hollywood action career as John Rambo in Rambo. This film was inspired by America’s war against Vietnam. Justice will be served with this ultimate war machine. As mentioned during those days, action films were bloody but it is all worth it especially when you see Rambo aid himself when he was wounded pouring a wine for getting rid of bacteria and using gunpowder for closing the wounds. One word – Epic!

Unlike Arnold, right from the start, Sylvester wants to be an action megastar. However, due to his accent, he never had a break until a certain filmmaker would want to buy the rights of Rocky (He was an obsessed filmmaker and actor that day). It was a twist of fate of his career that he wouldn’t miss. Instead of selling the rights of Rocky, he convinced this filmmaker/producer to be part of the film and play the role of Rocky Balboa. The rest was history. According to him, he only has $103 on his pocket that day, He turned down the $300,000 offer and takes the opportunity. Today, he is one of the most influential actors in the Hollywood on and off camera.

Bruce Lee

Hands down to this iconic kung fu Jedai and considered one of the greatest action stars of all time. If this is the list of the best martial artist, he is definitely at the top of the list. Bruce has always been the fastest fists and kicks on the planet as he ruled the action films back in the 70s. His fighting technique Jeet Kune Do capture everyone in the filming industry. In fact, famous action megastars such as Chuck Norris is one of his apprentices. Skilled, smart and ruthless fighter were all his showcase during his prime.

He will be always remembered not just in the movie industry but also in the name of martial arts. Before his death, he produced 4 big feature films including the Game Of Death, Enter The Dragon, Way Of The Dragon and The Big Boss. He was the jewel of martial arts and movie industry with his iconic moves and his brilliance when it comes to his philosophy in life.

Keanu Reeves

Never mess with someone’s dog and this is what all moviegoers had learned after they’ve watched his hit blockbuster movie, John Wick. He has been in the filming industry for quite some time now. His early career, he was not an action star but rather a matinee idol type. Unlike Arnold or Sylvester, Keanu never had a huge arm or a firm body, but his secret to action film is probably his lines and charisma. At the age of 52, Keanu proved that his career is like a gold. It genuinely turns valuable as he got age.

Keanu was not interested in the movie business. In fact, back then his passion is all about music as he plays the bass guitar with his band. When he together with his band is not rocking the house, Keanu is busy with his skate as a goalie in a certain hockey team. During his days of a hockey career, he was recognized as the wall.

His movie career skyrocketed staring as Neo in The Matrix back in 1999 by Warner Bros. Studio. The film received multiple awards including best picture, best visual effects, best editing and best sound effects. It garners over than $170 million gross during its release. Aside from The Matrix and John Wick Sequel, there are other great action films he made including the 47 Ronin, Devil’s Advocate, Constantine, Speed, and Dracula.